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Mustang Impala Monaural Headset
  • No questions asked 12 or 24-month replacement warranty
    (this includes accidents or special circumstances).
  • Single ear design with an oversized 36 mm speakers
  • Comes standard with both custom leatherette and comfort fit foam ear pads.
  • Has Mustang's exclusive Audio Clarity Technology™ with Voice Trap™ noise canceling microphone designed to trap only the human voice frequency range and reject everything else.
  • Has a 280 degree rotation metal "'Total Flex" flexible boom for wear on either side of the head and the highest rated microphone boom swivel ratchet to help insure consistent mic placement.
  • Pivoting ear digital speaker to help insure comfort for people having different ear shapes and sizes.
  • Rapid Release connector featuring spring loaded gold plated contact pins with a nylon imbedded ABS housing tested to withstand over 200,000 connections.
  • Comes with lower cord
2 year
Replacement Warranty

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Mustang Plus two-prong Amplifier
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Mustang Sound Card Cord

$17.95 per unit
Mustang Lower Cord

$12.50 per unit
Mustang In-line Mute Switch
$9.95 per unit
Mustang Lower USB Cord

$32.50 per unit
Y Splitter/Training Adaptor
$24.75 per unit

Leatherette Ear Cover

$1.30 per unit
2.5mm Patch Cord

$10.50 per unit
Training Adaptor/Splitter
$9.50 per unit
Mustang Foam Ear Pad

.82¢ per unit
Voice Tube

$1.99 per unit

Mustang Convertible Ear Pad
.82¢ per unit
Wind Screen

.82¢ per unit